Handmade market in Lille, at “chez Violette”

11 December 2015


This website is pretty sleepy these days, because of the 2 movings I have been through in less than 4 months (including a come-back from England to France), and the re-discovery of the french heatlh system aka eyes boo boo the return of the Jedi with a cap.
Except that I am working on a little notebook stall at Chez Violette, a feminist association. Only girls exhibiting, but the entrance is mixt. Pop in if you feel seeing handmade stuffs or playing scrabble, I will bring my game. What a bash, innit?

Infos : Chez Violette, 19 place Vanhoenacker in Lille Moulins
12th December : 2pm>10pm
13th December : 11am>6pm
Facebook event

chez_violette_marche carnet-compo-vrac

DIY Cultures 2015 / London

13 May 2015

Happy to take part in this event about DoItYourself, which will take place on the 24th of May 2015 in London. Blimey, it’s in less than 15 days and I am running laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate…


I am working on a new collection of drawings called “Fromage de Fête” which follows on from  “Fromage de Tête”, but as I am in a better mood, I have changed a letter in the tittle.  I make the bookbinding, we will see how it works, but it’s a tad annoying to try to be neat. Here are some pictures of the work in progress : inside plates will be printed with my big laser, and the cover, if everything goes well, will be in fabric, a kind of silk which slip under your finger.


Drawn 2015

12 May 2015

You can see the “Grand Fiasco rouge” at the Royal West Academy in Bristol until the 7th of June 2015, part of the collective exhibition “Drawn”. But it’s not tomorrow that we will be rolling in money, isn’t it?

drawn_2015-8   drawn_2015-3   drawn_2015-2

Here are some details of the drawing:

drawn_2015-7   drawn_2015-6   drawn_2015-5


June 2013: exhibition l’Agrapheuse, second round

18 June 2013


We do it again for this second exhibition of l’Agrapheuse, which takes place on the 14th and 15th of June in Bordeaux. The more the merrier, then 3 members joined the team: David Fichou, Modjo and Aerosept. I am thinking about proposing new artworks for rental, but for now, I am fighting against the snut. After that, we’ll see.
More information on the website lagrapheuse.fr

March 2013: l’Agrapheuse’s official opening

27 February 2013

L’Agrapheuse: “Graphical Arts for rental”
L’Agrapheuse is a self-managed and nomadic collective of artists from Bordeaux/France. His main goals are:
To allow the audience to reach art more easily:
– by creating an exchange between «producer and consumer»
– by providing affordable prices
– by encouraging artworks circulation.
To help and allow artists to live on their art:
– by setting up a united artistic network; artists help and educate one another
– by allowing the artists to price their work
– by providing an alternative distribution.
To work in a local community:
– by improving existing networks and building new ones
– by promoting local artists.