Drawing / Automn / Large size / Working outdoor listening to music

7 September 2016

Here is the current method :

I draw by pieces/fragments : a large size paper is folded as a map, so that I can take it wherever I go, as I often work outside, always listening to music, it prevents me from thinking too much. These drawings are in progress.





Here are some smaller sizes-tests-mess of colors, a possible variation to explore, once size questions will be adjusted. I work slowly, ’cause I am still learning bookbinding, and it takes time to get the right equipment. Hell no, I don’t get distracted 🙂


Slowly but surely…

20 April 2016

Some drawings-paintings in progress, made with Pilot pen and acrylic inks, on watercolor paper “Centenaire” 300g/m2, 56 x 76 cm.
When it comes to colors, it becomes a propper mess, but I am focusing on primary colors these days, then I hope that it will help to clarify-balance-relieve, etc…
At the same time, I am looking for exhibitions in Lille, but it is not that easy. I hope that I will find something for September. It takes time, but I have plenty of.

avril-3-2016-web avril-1-2016-web avril-2-2016-web

February’s batch, with a bit of January and more inside

8 February 2016

Randomly, looking for the right palette, well, maybe it is totally useless to try to choose… Watercolor, acrylic ink and pen, and then it’s not really drawing anymore, rather painting, it is up to you to decide. Various sizes, from A5 to bigger ones…








Gray outside, colors inside.

17 September 2015

Some start of the school year drawings, in expectation of a large scale, maybe for a poster, dunno yet.






Drawn 2015

12 May 2015

You can see the “Grand Fiasco rouge” at the Royal West Academy in Bristol until the 7th of June 2015, part of the collective exhibition “Drawn”. But it’s not tomorrow that we will be rolling in money, isn’t it?

drawn_2015-8   drawn_2015-3   drawn_2015-2

Here are some details of the drawing:

drawn_2015-7   drawn_2015-6   drawn_2015-5


Grand Fiasco Rouge

16 March 2015

Grand Fiasco rouge study 1 / inkgel pen and felt tip pen on paper / 45 x 64 cm

Grand Fiasco rouge study 2 / inkgel pen and felt tip pen on paper / 59 x 84 cm

Grand Fiasco rouge / inkgel pen on paper / 60 x 80 cm

Untitled red and blue

11 December 2014

Selected drawings from the exhibition “Paper Chase” / Grain Barge / Bristol.






April-May-June 2014

12 June 2014

Working in a heap, as usual, I kept going back and forth between using colour and using black and white, to finally realize that I need to set aside the first way of working, in order to focus the mess on the second one. One thing at a time. And right now, the most important things for me are line and composition and scrabble online, so let’s just de-clutter rather than hoard. It’s more a matter of efficiency and accuracy.
I keep exploring my approach to scale/medium, since questions of presentation, distribution, remuneration, price, transport etc, always niggle at me. But frames increasingly piss me off (both literal and figurative ones), so I also thought about drawing on the walls and tried using Posca marker, vertically, but the change of orientation is not easy. And so on and so on and so on… what about wallpaper? What about a screen? I could go on, but you can see how it is unbearable.

So, in more or less chronological order:
April: last of the coloured ones, and when I realised I was going round and round in circles:

avril-2014-couleur-1 avril-2014-couleur-2 jiun-2014-grand-format-1

May: black and white is back, and “what if I made wallpaper”. It began to get on my nerves after around thirty A4. I won’t go into details.


… “so why not on tracing paper?” These stories of blur resonate well with an experience I had at the time, where my sight was playing up…

juin-2014-test-calque-nb-2 juin-2014-test-calque-nb-1

I’m keeping tracing paper on the back-burner for now, I like it.

These are the last pieces, including a 50 × 65 cm one, which I tried doing vertically with a Posca marker. But I don’t like the tip, and I definitely prefer to draw into notebooks.