Hi and welcome to the shop space !

This is where you can peep at the drawings I have for sale, and order if you feel taken with one of them.

Some useful information :

1 / Colours on your screen may be different than the original. (Seems obvious perhaps, but please bear in mind.)

2 / Not every drawing posted on the website is necesserily available in the shop. In order to make tiny and pretty packages I have favoured A4 and smaller drawings.

3 / Prices take into account that you are buying directly from the artist, with no gallery commission. This benefits both you and me, as it's more direct and less expensive.

4 / Prices don't include delivery charges, if applicable.

5 / Drawings are sold unframed.

6 / To order, please fill in the web form on the page of the artwork you are interested in. This will put you straight in contact with me, by email... luckily I enjoy answering emails !

There you go ! Drawings are classified by: technique, price, year, colour/black and white. Enjoy your visit !